Prodigy Voice Talking Blood Glucose Meter Starter Pack – 100 Test Strips, 100 Lancets and Voice Meter

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The Prodigy Voice has been designed with Tactile features allowing the blind user to “feel” and locate the different buttons easily. The buttons have raised imprints on them allowing the blind user to easily identify the buttons with a gentle touch. One of the most requested features is the “Repeat button”. This feature allows the user to repeat last message or test result with the touch of a button.

  • Audible Memory and Data Management.
    • Prodigy Voice can store up to 450 audible tests results with date and time, and gives 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, and 90-day audible averages. Prodigy’s FREE software allows simple downloading of test results to your computer helping you and your Diabetes healthcare professional to track changes in your blood glucose level over time.
  • Greater Comfort.
    • Prodigy Voice offers you the option to test with blood from your palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.

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It Talks!. Listen to your results in just 6 quick seconds

Prodigy Voice The Only Totally Audible, No coding, blood glucose monitoring system designed for the blind and low vision.

The PRODIGY Voice has been carefully designed with help from National Blind Associations as well as Certified Diabetes Educators. Offering powerful features like totally audible step-by-step setups that will “talk” the user through all the meter settings, such as time and date, glucose unit of measure, without any help from another person, or care taker.

The Prodigy Voice Meter requires NO-Coding, which means fewer steps and no coding errors. Simply insert the test strip into the easy to locate test strip port, located at the top of the meter, and the Prodigy Voice automatically turns on and will “talk” the user through the testing steps. Making it easy to use, while providing safe accurate test results every time.

The Prodigy Voice is Totally audible. The user will hear their test results in only 6 seconds with time and date.




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