Accu-Chek® Guide Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Spill-resistant – and simple to take just one strip

Simple to use – the entire end of the test strip

Anytime – testing with a strip port light

Automatic – logging of results to your smartphone

Accurate – reliable results you can trust

High quality products from the USA

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No coding is required for this blood glucometer! Accu-Chek is known for their accuracy and consistency. Quick results! The Accu-Chek Guide meter features a strip ejector and a port light! So now you have a more sanitary option of disposing your strips and for testing in low light places and situations such as nighttime. It also features a smart phone app that connects your phone and your test results! So no more having to write down notes or worrying about having a pen and paper nearby because now your results go where you go!




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